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Case 1: Facing

Courtesy: DR. Nic Kamosi

History of present complaints (HPC): Discoloured, eroded & fractured unaesthetic anterior teeth; Aesthetically disturbing smile line

Clinical presentations: 1. Discoloured fractured unaesthetic anterior teeth; 2. Attrition & Erosion, 3. Deflective lateral group function

Specialist treatment schedule: 1) Full mouth hygienist & Air-flow treatment & stable periodontal health; 2) Combined home-office teeth whitening with Carbamide peroxide; 3) Restoration of canine rise/guidance; 4) Restoration of all teeth surfaces with erosion & attrition; 5) Provisional labial restorations for 2 months to achieve & establish anatomic biologic width & smile design; 6) New aesthetic natural laminate porcelain veneers 12- 11 – 21 – 22

Case 2: Tanden bleken

Courtesy: DR. Nic Kamosi

History of the present complaint: Aesthetically disturbing severely discoloured tooth UR1

Radiographic examination: 11 Apicectomy, 11 & 21 apical root resorption

Differential diagnosis of tooth discolouration: Intra/extracoronal amalgam- & intracoronal GP- induced discolouration

Clinical intervention: External in-office bleaching technique as a supplement to the walking bleaching technique was repeated under the first 2 visits.

Scientific evidence: The evidence from the literature suggest that thce management of discolored endodontically treated teeth by means of combined intracoronal bleaching technique bleaching is a valid treatment modality in terms of safety, efficacy, time efficiency and aesthetic outcome (Goldstein et al 1989, Amato et al. 2006). The result from the 16-year prospective study by Amato et al. (2006) also demonstrated the chromatic stability of nonvital discolored teeth, when subjected to the combined intracoronal bleaching technique. The clinical outcome has vastly improved the poor appearance of upper right central incisor. Further follow-up of chromatic stability and shade recording is required.

Case 3: Bleken

Courtesy: DR. Nic Kamosi

Extrinsic dental discolouration: External teeth discolouration caused by age, beverages (e.g. red wine), tobacco amalgam

Intrinsic dental discolouration: Internal teeth discolouration caused by amalgam fillings and chronic decays

Office teeth-whitening

Pre-operative Shade recording: shade guide/ Vita Classic Lumin Vacum: A3.5/A3

Office teeth-whitening gel & plasma arch light (Optident; Carbamide peroxide CP 15% x 2

Post-operative Shade recording: shade guide/ Vita Classic Lumin Vacum: A3

Chromatic stabilisation & effusion of the free oxygen radicals; 3 weeks (Lim KC. 2004)

Restorative treatment: Provision of a new E.max-cermaic crown UR1

Case 4: Attritie

Courtesy: DR. Nic Kamosi

History of present complaints (HPC): Discoloured, shortened, fractured unaesthetic anterior teeth; collapsed bite

Diagnosis:Restorative failures; fractured incisal tips; compromised canine guidance/protection

Treatment: 1. Restoration of canine rise/guidance 2. Home teeth whitening 16% Carbamide peroxide 3. Posterior composite restorations 4. Provision of aesthetic E-Max laminate veneers 12 . 11 . 21 . 22